Formula Formatter


Do you feel headache when you see long formulas in your spreadsheets? If so, Formula Formatter is your best friend!
  1. Formula Formatter automatically displays a long and complex formula in several lines with appropriate indentations.
  2. Therefore, you could understand better the logic in the formula.
  3. Anytime, you could format, modify, and unformat the formula in the text area.
  4. Finally, you could write a modified formula back to spreadsheet.

Elements in the Task Pane


  1. Load the add-in
  2. Turn the toggle on
  3. Select a cell that contains a long and complex formula (eg., containing IF or VLOOKUP function), then you will see how it is formatted in the text area. If our algorithm considers unnecessary to change the format of the formula, an exactly same formula will be displayed.
  4. You could edit the formula in the text area, that will not impact the cell content immediately.
  5. Anytime, “Format above” (resp., “Unformat above”) button tries to format (resp., unformat) whatever in the text area.
  6. Finally, “Unformat above and write to cell” tries to unformat the formula in the text area and write it back to the selected cell.
  7. Turn the toggle off when you want to disassociate the text area to your selection on the workbook.

Upcoming Features

We use trello to manage our product road-map and be interactive with you. Please feel free to make a feature request there, or to vote for upcoming features, eg.,:


For any question and issue, please write an email to: [email protected].